The St Andrews Prize: TEDx Talk – Dr Vik Mohan, Blue Ventures

The St Andrews Prize: TEDx Talk – Dr Vik Mohan, Blue Ventures

The St Andrews Prize for the Environment recognises practical solutions to environmental challenges that are developed and implemented by multidisciplinary teams or community groups. Blue Ventures won this prize in 2014, and Medical Director Dr Vik Mohan travelled to St Andrews University to present the organisation’s integrated approach to conservation.

Dr Mohan addressed a TEDx audience in Exeter on the same topic in 2017, and The St Andrews Prize for the Environment interviewed him on their blog.

“Blue Ventures now has a staff of 200 people. I continue to work as the Medical Director, and my main responsibility is to support the scale up of this powerful approach to addressing human and ecosystem health, and supporting communities to become more resilient to climate change I was fortunate enough to give a TEDx talk on our work last year; an important part of our work is encouraging other organisations to adopt this approach in their work with coastal communities. We’ve now expanded our work to reach coastal communities in seven countries, reaching around a quarter of a million people to date. The St Andrews Prize remains one of the highest accolades we have been awarded for this holistic approach to marine conservation.” – Dr Vik Mohan

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