Working together to rebuild tropical fisheries

Working together to rebuild tropical fisheries

Building a global cooperation to inspire community-led marine conservation

Blue Ventures has today committed to a collaboration with the World Wide Fund for Nature, one of the world’s best-known conservation organisations.

This strategic relationship aims to both strengthen global awareness of the challenges facing tropical small-scale fisheries worldwide, and accelerate the uptake of incentive-based approaches to community-based marine conservation.

Building on a decade of close cooperation between the two organisations in the Indian Ocean, the new agreement – signed today at the headquarters of WWF International in Gland Switzerland – will strengthen this collaboration, sharing learning between Blue Ventures and WWF, and developing field partnerships between the two organisations.

Valerie Burgener, Marine Manager, WWF, said: “Blue Ventures and WWF are teaming up to support local communities in securing healthy fisheries. Whilst Blue Ventures brings local know-how, innovative approaches and specific skills WWF, the world’s largest conservation organization, has the ability to disseminate and replicate models that have proven successful. It is a win-win partnership for communities and conservation.”

Dr Alasdair Harris, Blue Ventures Executive Director, said: “We’re delighted and thrilled to be embarking on a new journey with WWF. At a time of unprecedented threats to our oceans and the human populations that depend upon them for food and income, there has never been a more critical need to identify, and scale up, models that mobilise community support for conservation.”

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