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Hooked: International Women’s Day 2021

At this critical time for our planet, recognising the role women play in protecting our oceans has never been more important. Join us as we celebrate International Women’s Day in a special edition of Hooked, featuring short films, articles, resources and more. Explore this special edition of Hooked Explore the last edition of Hooked: New ...

International Women’s Day 2021

Hooked International Women's Day 2021 International Women’s Day: Choose to Challenge At this critical time for our planet, recognising the role women play in protecting the environment has never been more important. Around the world, women and girls are disproportionately impacted by the climate crisis. They are also leading efforts to halt its effects on ...

February 2021

Hooked February 2021 New opportunities to transform conservation The last year has tested the resilience of our teams like never before, all the while creating new opportunities for transformative change in marine conservation.As we look forward to this year’s global conversations around the climate and ecological emergencies, we see new opportunities providing optimism for our ...

Hooked: Reflecting on World Fisheries Day

In the first edition of our new-look newsletter, Hooked, we celebrate World Fisheries Day, recognising the contribution of small-scale fishers to marine conservation efforts around the world and exploring stories from the communities and partners we work with across the coastal tropics. Explore Hooked Photo: Garth Cripps

November 2020

Hooked November 2020 Celebrating World Fisheries Day With hundreds of millions of people depending on small-scale fisheries for their livelihoods, community-led management efforts have the potential to have a conservation impact at unprecedented scale. We believe that humanity’s overwhelming dependence on our ocean is the solution that has been hiding in plain sight.We work at ...

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