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Oxford Today: Blue-sea thinking: coral reef conservation and beyond

Oxford Today: Blue-sea thinking: coral reef conservation and beyond

Alasdair Harris founded Blue Ventures whilst attending Mansfield College at the University of Oxford, and it has since evolved into a substantial marine conservation organisation with a growing portfolio of field programmes in several different countries.

An interview published by Oxford Today details how Alasdair Harris’ interest in marine biodiversity and research led to Blue Ventures’ foundation, and how his subsequent interactions with coastal communities in Madagascar inspired him to develop scalable, sustainable, incentive-based models for marine conservation that would put these communities first.

“We’ve seen from working alongside some of the poorest communities on earth that conservation isn’t just about writing papers and publishing in academic journals. Safeguarding our oceans’ biodiversity is quite simply a question of survival for local people. Globally, hundreds of millions of people are in a predicament in which their livelihoods, food security and futures are threatened by an unfolding biodiversity crisis, trapped in a cycle of poverty and declining natural resources.”

The interview also includes a comprehensive summary of Blue Ventures’ expansion and the impact that its conservation programmes and holistic approach have had so far in Madagascar.

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