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Blog: Science and tradition: expanding Velondriake’s no-take zones through community-led action

Using a traditional fishing technique called ‘jarifa’, the community association in Velondriake, southwest Madagascar, have expanded their marine reserves to safeguard their future


Madagascar’s small-scale fishers take ownership of marine protection through their national language

Small-scale fishers around Madagascar announce a new Malagasy language definition of ‘LMMA’ – a key piece of terminology used to discuss marine protection around the world.


Madagascar’s MIHARI Network begins its journey to legal independence

The MIHARI Network has announced it is undertaking the final steps in formally establishing its legal independence, allowing the network to further it’s representative power as the voice of coastal communities across Madagascar.


New research: Learning from community-led marine conservation in Madagascar

New research published this week draws together lessons from Madagascar’s first locally managed marine area (LMMA), generating valuable insights that can be used by managers around the world.


Blog: Science and tradition: exchanging knowledge to drive marine conservation in Velondriake

Five Vezo community members from Andavadoaka join forces to form the first local diving ecological monitoring team in the Velondriake locally managed marine area


Blue Ventures advocates for holistic conservation at The Ocean Race Summit 2020

On Wednesday 16th September, Jen Chapman joined fellow ocean experts and change-makers at The Ocean Race Summit 2020


Mongabay: Evidence that fish flourish in a community-managed marine area offers hope

Our latest research, which shows that community-led marine conservation leads to more fish in the sea, has been featured by Mongabay.


Reef Resilience Network: Farmers of the Sea

A study recently published by the Reef Resilience Network outlines Blue Ventures’ sea cucumber farming initiatives in southwest Madagascar, and discusses the successes and key lessons learned.


New research: Community conservation means more fish in the sea

New research published this week has shown that community-led marine conservation can increase the size of fish populations − a critical objective for conservationists working to protect coral reefs.


BBC Two: Earth’s Tropical Islands series explores Vezo culture

In January 2020, the BBC aired Earth’s Tropical Islands – a three-part documentary series that explores Madagascar, Borneo and Hawaii, as three of the world’s most isolated and iconic tropical islands. Alongside the three main episodes, the production team also put together a set of short clips which are available online, showcasing some of the …

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