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Blue Ventures backs a new UK Climate and Ecological Emergency bill to meet the dual crises of climate breakdown and the destruction of nature

Blue Ventures backs a new UK Climate and Ecological Emergency bill to meet the dual crises of climate breakdown and the destruction of nature

Blue Ventures has joined an alliance of businesses and organisations to throw its support behind ambitious new legislation to respond to the climate and ecological emergency. The Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill (CEE Bill) has been developed by leading environmental scientists and policy experts and aims to fill the gaps in existing legislation to meet the urgency of the crisis. The UK Government was the first in the world to declare a climate emergency in 2019.

The proposed legislation asks the UK Government to take action on the country’s greenhouse gas footprint, both domestically and internationally to help limit average global temperature rises to 1.5°C.

The draft legislation has been brought to Parliament as a private members’ bill by Caroline Lucas, Member of Parliament (MP) for Brighton Pavilion for the Green Party, and has been co-sponsored by MPs from six parties.

The CEE Bill so far has the backing of 77 MPs but further support is needed from MPs to enable the bill to become law. Members of the UK public are urged to lobby their MPs to ask them to back the bill when it comes before the House of Commons in early 2021.

The UK government’s own report by its Climate Change Committee (CCC) suggests that the world should prepare for a 2-4 degree temperature increase. Global heating at this scale would be catastrophic for nature and people worldwide.

Globally, the impacts of climate breakdown fall  disproportionately on those vulnerable communities who have done the least to cause it. High levels of consumption within industrialised economies like the UK play a huge role in driving carbon emissions and biodiversity loss − for example through deforestation and overfishing − in the Global South. The CEE bill would ensure that the UK acts decisively to be accountable for the impacts of its use of natural resources on an interconnected planet; closing legislative loopholes that currently enable the UK to turn a blind eye to the offshoring of domestic emissions and destruction of nature.

The bill also demands that the government conserve and restore ecosystems and soils in the UK.

The bill also stipulates that a temporary, emergency Citizens’ Assembly is created to help Parliament decide on how to meet the bill’s objectives. Citizens’ assemblies are a form of deliberative, participatory democracy and has been used successfully in Ireland, France and elsewhere. The Assembly will empower MPs to take the necessary decisions, while also empowering people to have a real say in the pathway of a fair and just transition to a zero carbon society, enriched by a thriving, natural world.

This animation explains the CEE Bill.

If you live in the UK and want to join the campaign to support the CEE Bill by lobbying your MP find out more here.


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