The community of Darawa village begin managing their octopus fishery

Since October 2016, Blue Ventures has partnered with FORKANI – an Indonesian community-based organisation working in the Wakatobi archipelago to secure community management rights of local marine resources. Over the last 15 months, FORKANI has been facilitating community-based monitoring and management efforts of the octopus fishery in Darawa village, engaging with fishers, village government, traditional ...

Sharing learning across the sea: new Kenyan partners visit Madagascar

Learning exchange programmes have proven a highly effective way of engaging fishing communities and partner organisations in peer-to-peer learning, to energise and inspire those wishing to share knowledge and expertise in fisheries management and marine conservation. In April 2018 seven representatives from northern Kenya, from TNC Kenya, the Northern Rangelands Trust and the Pate Marine ...

New research: The expansion of Madagascar’s protected area network

Between 2003 and 2016, Madagascar’s protected area coverage quadrupled. Such unprecedented growth brought great hope, some notable successes and a host of new challenges for the island’s conservation community. Co-authored by Charlie Gardner from the University of Kent and other practitioners involved in the evolution of the island’s protected area system, including Blue Ventures’ Executive ...

Madagascar PHE Network: Introduction of PHE quality charter

Twenty health and environmental organisations in Madagascar – including Blue Ventures – have signed the world’s very first PHE quality charter, signalling their commitment to rights-based PHE partnerships designed to improve the health of people and the environment. Madagascar’s PHE movement has been growing rapidly since the creation of a national PHE network in July ...

Discover: Blue Forests

Globally, hundreds of millions of coastal people rely on mangrove forests for food security, fuel and livelihoods. The vast majority of these people are living in low-income countries in Asia and West and Central Africa. Mangrove fisheries, particularly high value species such as shrimp and crab, are a lifeline for families and economies, and underpin ...

Roger Samba and J. Paul Getty Scholarship Programme Announcement

A symposium event was held on the 8th and 9th of May to officially close the Roger Samba and J. Paul Getty Scholarship Programme. Mr. Roger Samba won the Paul Getty Award for his Leadership in Conservation in 2008 while he was the president of the isolated village of Andavadoaka in southwest Madagascar. Mr. Samba ...

Pilot trawling ban is not renewed, threatening traditional fisheries

Madagascar’s largest protected area, the Barren Isles Locally Managed Marine Area (LMMA) in northwest Madagascar, was lauded by the national Government on its creation in 2014 for pioneering a new model for marine resource management. By providing a collaborative management platform, LMMAs unite communities and their organisational partners under a set of common goals. At ...

Sustained benefits from local fisheries management on Fundo Island

The community of Ndooni village on Fundo Island in Pemba, Zanzibar, has witnessed a massive return on investment thanks to its new locally led fisheries management regime – the introduction of temporary octopus fishery closures. With support from Tanzanian organisation MWAMBAO, the community initially closed its octopus fishery for three months last year to allow ...

Blue Ventures awarded Certificate of Recognition for environmental education programme

Madagascar’s Ministry of National Education awarded Blue Ventures a “Certificat de Reconnaisse”, acknowledging the contribution of our thriving environmental education programme to the Ambanja region in the island’s northwest. Our Environmental Education Officer Alban Aoemba (third from left, above) proudly received the certificate during Ambanja’s “School Day” celebrations, part of an annual event that occurs across ...

Celebrating mangroves on the International Day of Forests in northwest Madagascar

The value of mangrove forests was celebrated in the village of Ampondrabe Mahamanina in northwest Madagascar, as local communities, school children and representatives from the public and private sectors came together for the International Day of Forests. This two-day celebration in March was the first time that an official event had been hosted in Ampondrabe ...
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