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Google Earth: This is Home

Google Earth: This is Home

On August 16th 2017, Google Earth released 22 new homes and cultures to explore in their Voyager story: This is Home.

When you opened Google Earth for the very first time, where did you go? For most people there’s a common destination: Home. The definition of “home” changes by country, culture and climate. This is Home was introduced in April as an interactive tour of five traditional homes around the world, and today we’re bringing 22 new homes and cultures to explore in Google Earth.

– Raleigh Seamster, Programme Manager, Google Earth Outreach

Blue Ventures partnered with Google Earth to help capture and tell the story of one of the new locations: the home of Madame Kokoly, a Vezo woman who lives with her husband, her nephew and his wife in the village of Lamboara in southwest Madagascar.

Explore Lamboara and Madame Kokoly’s home on Google Earth.

Update 2019 – Madame Kokoly has been building a new home. Find out more at

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