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The Economist: How sea cucumbers can help the ocean

The Economist: How sea cucumbers can help the ocean

In low-income coastal states throughout the tropics, geographic isolation and limited livelihood opportunities can lead to an overwhelming dependence on fishing for survival. This dependence, in combination with the significant impacts of global heating and industrial fishing, has led to dwindling fish populations and increased vulnerability for the communities that rely on them.

For the past ten years, Blue Ventures has been working with coastal communities in the Velondriake Locally Managed Marine Area in southwest Madagascar to develop ecologically sensitive and socially viable aquaculture businesses that are locally owned and managed. These initiatives are providing communities with new, sustainable sources of income whilst also aiming to alleviate pressure on overexploited fisheries.

The latest short film in the Economist’s Ocean series focuses on one of our most exciting and promising aquaculture models: community-based sea cucumber farming.

Read the full story from the Economist: How sea cucumbers can help the ocean

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