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TEDxExeter: How listening to communities can help save our oceans

TEDxExeter: How listening to communities can help save our oceans

Our Medical Director Dr Vik Mohan recently spoke at TEDxExeter 2017 about Blue Ventures’ holistic approach to conservation, which developed through listening to the coastal communities we work with in Madagascar.

Women told us how they were desperate for better access to family planning services. Men were keen to use family planning too. Dwindling fisheries could no longer support large families, and they could see a clear link between family size and food security. What was most interesting of all was that communities were asking us [a marine conservation organisation] to help.

Despite Blue Ventures being a marine conservation organisation, we realised that we were ideally positioned to address this critical unmet need.

On that day, Blue Ventures changed. We became a conservation organisation that dared to think differently and were willing to respond to the needs the communities told us about. And it turns out that the most transformational of these is providing health care.

Our integrated programmes empower women to get involved in fisheries management and alternative livelihoods whilst simultaneously enabling men to learn about health and family planning.

Watch the full talk here:

 Find out how an integrated approach to conservation can also increase community resilience to climate change.

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